Keeping inman park safe

Security Patrol

What is security patrol?

We love that our neighborhood is in the heart of the City of Atlanta. We also recognize that being a popular in-town destination requires heightened diligence concerning our public safety, which is why the Inman Park Security Patrol (IPSP) is such an important asset to our neighborhood. Join our membership and support IPSP here. 

Off-duty Atlanta Police Department officers patrol Inman Park in Inman Park Neighborhood Association’s (IPNA) own marked patrol vehicle or on bikes. In addition to assisting our regular APD beat officers with calls in Inman Park, the Patrol also provides additional benefits to members, such as vacation patrol requests and business drop-ins, at higher levels of membership.

Funded through residential and business memberships and various fundraising activities, the Patrol is coordinated through IPNA. The personal, dedicated connection that the IPSP officers have with the community has helped make Inman Park a safer neighborhood. Resident and Business members who join at certain levels can proudly display a distinctive placard in their yards or windows.

Benefits of joining the security patrol. 

  • Level 1         $50/year   (or $5.00 a month)
    you are supporting IPSP!
  • Level 2         $100/year  (or $9.50 a month)
    Security assessment of your residence by an IPSP officer 
  • Level 3         $200/year  (or $17.50 a month)
    Security assessment for your residence by an IPSP officer
    Yard sign with security decal
  • Level 4        $300/year  (or $26.00 a month)
    Security assessment for your residence by an IPSP officer 
    Yard sign with security decal 
    Vacation Patrol Service 

If you are already an IPSP member, thank you! If not, please consider joining today at a level that works for you.

If you have any questions about the Inman Park Security Patrol please contact